Montañas. Published Fulgencio Pimentel, 2017 and Editions Notari. 2016

2016 / Editorial / Illustration / Mountains / Publications

Mountains is a book composed of sixteen illustrations in spread pages. We can find a route through all different sorts of mountains and how the human being is related with them and with the nature. Mountains to cultivate at, mountains to explore, mountains to take care of… On each illustration there is talk about one kind of mountain and one activity, using a direct visual language through simple plastic resources, basic colors, simple shapes and clear compositions.

Publisher: Fulgencio Pimentel
Text in Spanish. 2017
Cartoné. 17 x 23 cm.
32 págs. Color
ISBN 978-84-16167-51-7
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Publisher: Editions Notari
Text in French. 2016
Hardcover. 22 x 22 cm.
36 pages
Collection L’oiseau sur le rhino
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