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2017 / Èditions du livre / Flyers / Product / Publications / Spaces

Spaces Spaces is composed of pages containing a white rectangle in a solid color frame. Each page is divided into three vertically foldable strips. As the reader folds and unfolds the strips, the white spaces open, close, divide and multiply, all the while colors are being added to and subtracted from the frame. Antonio Ladrillo invites us into his minimalistic visual world, in which a simple, everyday gesture becomes an act of profoundly poetic magic.


2017 / Editorial / Fulgencio Pimentel / Illustration / Publications / Shop / YO

YO El mundo está lleno de infinitas cosas por descubrir para un niño, pero ninguna tan fascinante como descubrirse a uno mismo. Tomar conciencia de la propia existencia, del propio cuerpo, de todo lo que es capaz de hacer y expresar es tomar conciencia del mundo, vernos y verlo con ojos nuevos. En este libro, Antonio Ladrillo pone a una niña frente a un espejo para mostrarle esa maravilla inimitable y definitiva que es ella […]

This Way, That Way. TATE Publishing. 2017

2017 / Editorial / Illustration / Product / Publications / Tate / This Way That Way
Antonio_Ladrillo_This_Whay_That_Whay_Tate_Publishing_Cover_2 copia

This Way, That Way. An endearing flip-and-fold introduction to shapes and colours This Way, That Way is fun and endlessly surprising. The pages of the book, which are die-cut and impressed with fold lines, feature a sequence of brightly coloured shapes, animated with smiling expressions. As the reader opens and closes, folds and unfolds the pages, colourful characters in the shapes of squares, circles, lines and outlines start to relate to one another in new […]